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Quick and easy access to some of the best caregiver jobs in your area

Cathy's Caregivers was founded to make it easy for caregivers to find great caregiver jobs nearby.

Our process is simple: Caregivers apply for Membership below. If accepted, they're added to our priority job alert list. Then, once a month they'll get a short text from us asking if they'd like to explore new caregiver jobs nearby. If they are, they text back and we get them a job interview scheduled that same day. If not, they just keep going on their merry way. It’s that easy.

Even if they don't plan on taking a new job anytime soon, Members benefit because they are able to get a much better feel for what the going rate is right now, not a year or five ago. They can then use that to negotiate for better pay or benefits at their current job.

And if you are wondering, Membership is granted at no charge thanks to the placement fees agencies pay us when our Members take a job. All we require are caregivers with a dedication to their craft and a heart for helping others. They are more rare than you'd think.

Thank you for all you do - and good luck with your application.

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